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Now that we've dealt with the spiritual duties of a Christian, we need to focus on the lifestyle of a true Christian. This is the point at which you differentiate yourself from the world and show them through the way you live your life what it means to be a Christian and how much it pays to serve God.

As a Christian, although your physical life isn't your primary focus, it is error to think it should be ignored either. Your lifestyle as a Christian should be an outflow of your spiritual life and personal walk with God. 

As a Christian you're expected to:


I’m aware this sounds like a daunting exercise, but what you probably didn't know is that this point is one of the easiest challenges you'll have to overcome as a Christian. Before we go too far, Let us take a look at what it means to act like God. Acting like God means to behave in the manner consistent with how God would behave in different situations you find yourself. Now, behaving in the manner God would behave implies the following:

i. You Must Carry Yourself in A Way God Approves. Romans 12:3

This means you carry yourself with respect, and a sense of confidence that God made you special. Be careful that you don't mistakenly step into pride because, God resists the proud. Also you mustn't carry yourself with any sense of inferiority. 

I want you to look closely at this statement in the above scripture “not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think but to think soberly.” You probably never noticed that the Bible didn't say “don't think highly of yourself.” It says don't think MORE HIGHLY than you ought to. Wow! That means WE ARE TO THINK HIGHLY OF OURSELVES because God made us special and He knows it, He has told us many times in the scriptures even David was confused about God's obsession with man in Psalm 8: 3-6.

ii. Your Dressing Must Be To Glorify God. 

This not only applies to women but to men also. As a Christian man you can't afford to look rough, unkempt and wretched. God is clothed in glory and light and you must reflect that by putting on your best appearance at all times. For women, any dress that you know will make men think of sex rather than seeing God's glory in you shouldn't be found in your possession. Everything you wear must represent God's glory and bring glory to His name. As a Christian you can't appear seductive, rough, dirty, semi/quarter/three-quarter naked. You must always represent God in how you're dressed at all times.

iii. You Must Relate With People in Love. John 15:12, 1 Corinthians 13: 1-8

As a Christian, you must always treat others with love and respect. God is love and as a reflection of Him, you must also showcase that kind of love to the world. Take note however that this is not the kind of selfish love that leads to lust but rather a selfless love and compassion for a fellow man as seen when God gave His only begotten son to die for the sins of all men.

B. TALK LIKE GOD. Matthew 12:36-37

The next thing you need to do is to begin to talk like God. This is a very powerful point because God's power is in His word and God has given us that privilege to be able to call forth things that be not into existence through faith and the confession of our mouth. What you say will happen in your life, so watch your words closely. As a Christian you are expected to use your words as a tool for change in the world. Your words determine the outcome of your life therefore choose them carefully.

The next thing about talking like God is, God doesn't engage in idle talk. God doesn't gossip, backbite or complain and as Christians you aren't expected to be found guilty of any of those things. If you're ever in a tight or unfavorable situation, instead of complaining, you should use your words to improve the situation by confessing what God has said in the scriptures concerning your life. 

As a Christian, your speech must consistently be prospering the kingdom of God and should be profitable. If you're ever in a situation in which you have nothing to say, start speaking in tongues. 

Your lingo must be clean and Godly. Majority of Christians today are so contaminated by worldly ways that unless they tell you directly that they are Christians, you won't be able to tell from their manner of speech. A lot of them use foul slangs and swear words that worldly people use. 

C. THINK LIKE GOD Proverbs 23:7, Philippians 4:8-9, James 4:7

It's pretty obvious that you can't ever become like God until you start thinking like Him. As easy as this sounds, thinking like God is the toughest of the three things we looked at in becoming like God. The devil knows the danger that allowing you to think like God poses to him and he'll do everything in his power to stop you from thinking the right way. He'll bring all sorts of frustrating thoughts, negative or lustful thoughts. Fortunately for us, there is hope.

The funny thing about people is that they tend to complicate matters when it comes to the devil. They tend to believe that when it comes to dealing with the devil, you have to follow a set of complex steps when all it really takes is to stand in your authority as a child of God and resist the devil. The best way to keep the devil away from your thoughts as seen in James 4:7 above, is to draw closer to God. The closer you are to God, the farther you are from the devil. 

Lastly, if you have anything in your life that gives the devil a legal foothold in your life to keep bothering you such as secret sins, and unbroken occultic covenants –especially because you consult some spiritual sources with practices that are not having precedence in the Bible- you must renounce and repent of them at once. 

Don’t give the devil an inch in your mind or your life.

Avoid the Danger Of Religiousness Matthew 15:7-9

When God created man, his main reason was to create people who would have personal fellowship with Him out of their own freewill. The danger of religiousness is that instead of realizing this, religious people tell themselves that all you need to please God and to be a successful Christian is to attend church on a regular basis, obey the Ten Commandments and other moral rules, and pray in a certain way. Although they think they’re pleasing God, they are actually making Him unhappy because God wants our Christianity to become much more than just obeying a set of rules, or trying to look as holy as possible in front of your peers and people. 

God wants your Christianity to be your lifestyle. What you say, eat and breathe, how you act all the time should reflect God’s nature. If not, you still have a lot of work to do. Even Jesus rebuked the Pharisees several times in the Bible for being religious hypocrites. God hates religion with no heartfelt personal relationship, and according to Jesus in the scripture above, those who practice religion at the cost of a personal relationship with Christ, worship God in vain.

Another classic example of this issue is the story of Mary and Martha (Luke 10: 40-42) Jesus came to Mary and Martha’s house, and both of them showed two very different attitudes to the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ. Martha represents the religious Christian, while Mary took the role of the Christian that prioritized her personal relationship with God. When Martha was complaining to Jesus that Mary wasn’t helping her, Jesus made her realize that all those things she was doing although they were important, they were in no way as important as the main thing, which was listening to Him and fellowshipping with Him. The lesson behind this story is that if Mary had been like Martha, cooking and getting everything ready for Jesus, Jesus would have eaten the food and gone his way, but they would have missed the glorious opportunity to hear the master speak to them in person. That’s another danger of religiousness; it robs you of the glorious experiences you would have had if you had a personal relationship with God. 


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